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Top 10 Best Places to Visit in Africa

Updated: Oct 28, 2022

Africa is home to some of the most diverse travel destinations in the world. All these places offer their own African authenticity and uniqueness.

We want to share with you our best places throughout Southern and East Africa.

We have done our ranking from 10 to 1 ...

1 being AfriVenture's favourite place in Africa!

Try think of your own top 10 African Destinations before scrolling down.



No list would be complete without including the cosmopolitan city of Cape Town. The city has something for everyone and will keep you busy day and night! It is perfect for outdoor enthusiasts, gastronomy, laid back living, nature lovers and those wanting to enjoy vibrant nightlife.

The city of Cape Town is located right on the tip of Africa and is well known for the towering Table Mountain, white sandy beaches and wine farms which have been voted some of the best in the world. Cape Town is also Africa’s best city for wining and dining, shopping, sightseeing, architecture, being active and simply relaxing! This city is one that you arrive and never want to leave...

Top Experiences:

  • Hiking Table Mountain

  • 360-Degree View of Cape Town on Top of Lions Head

  • Wine Tasting in The Cape Winelands

  • Sunsets Overlooking World Class Beaches (Clifton, Camps Bay, Llandudno).

  • Visiting Cape Point and Driving Around the Scenic Peninsula - Don’t Forget to Visit the Penguins!

  • Enjoying Local Markets – Bay Harbour, Mojo, Neighbourgoods, Watershed, Oranjezicht

Check out our next blog post on Cape Town experiences.



Enormous towering sand dunes and endless landscapes make Sossusvlei one of Namibia’s most renowned hotspots. The picture-perfect vistas bring visitors flocking to catch the perfect sunrise and sunset photos of the constantly changing Dune 45. Located in the immense Namib Desert, considered to be the oldest desert in the world, the area has only few trees and the fine sand constantly shifts to create everchanging backdrops. Whether you want to climb a massive dune, explore Deadvlei or take the perfect Instagram worthy photo, Sossusvlei is your place!

Top Experiences:

  • Climb Dune 45 And Catch the Perfect Photo

  • Walk in The Narrow Crevices of the Sesriem Canyon

  • Star Gazing in The Crystal-Clear Dessert Surrounds

  • Challenge Yourself and Climb Big Daddy - Biggest Dune in The Area

  • Check Out Deadvlei 



The Makgadikgadi Pans is often an experience that people tend to omit from their African overland circuit. This is a mistake, especially when travelling through Botswana. The Salt Pans are one of the largest in the world offering a surreal feel of petiteness. It is the perfect place to lose yourself and enjoy the natural space of mother earth.

The Pans also offer the perfect photo opportunity to take those funky photos of different shapes and sizes you've always wanted. Ultimate activity would definetly be wild camping where one can enjoy sleeping under the boundless starlit night.

Top Experiences:

  • Sleeping Wild Under the Stars

  • Excursion onto The Pans to Experience the True Magnitude of The Salt Pans

  • Braai (Barbecue) and Enjoy a Sunset Whilst Drinking a G and T

  • Perfect Panoramic Photo Opportunity at Sunset & Sunrise



This is not only one of Africa’s biggest National Parks, it is also home to one of the greatest wildlife havens. Etosha consists of both grassy plains and one of Africa's largest salt pans. The uniqueness of this park is how it changes from season to season. In the drier periods, the park reveals a dusty and endless wasteland, bringing waterholes to life teaming with animals coming down to drink. Things quickly change once the rains come through; landscape turn into lush grasslands and animals disperse. The Salt Lake also transforms itself into a natural flamingo filled lake.

Etosha is home to the Big 5 and is known for its healthy population of the endangered black rhino as well as the much sought after giraffe. Due to the contrasting seasons, salt pan and desert like surroundings, the park gives rise to some of the best photographic opportunities in Africa. The park also allows guests to either self-drive or join a guided safari. 

Top Experiences:

  • Safari in Search of The Big 5

  • Trying to Spot Africa's Smallest Antelope – The Damara Dik Dik

  • Visit the Salt Pans

  • If in Season, Enjoy the Flamingos Basking in The Seasonal Lake

  • Sit at the ‘National Geographic’ Okaukuejo Floodlit Waterhole Waiting for Endangered Black Rhino to Come Down for A Drink



If idyllic beaches, vibrant cultures and island adventures are for you, then Zanzibar is a must visit! The small island off Tanzania's mainland is an ideal place to visit after an action-packed safari where you can unwind for a few days while indulging in the local cuisine and enjoying the endless sunshine.

The Archipelago of Zanzibar has a strong Arabic influence due to early settlements and is known for its spices, friendly locals, turquoise waters and historic Stone Town. A walking tour through the towns meandering streets filled with distinctive architecture and bustling markets will leave you captivated.

Top Experiences:

  • Ocean Blue Safari – Full Day Snorkelling, Beach Barbecue, Exotic Fruit Tasting, Island Hopping

  • Walking Around Stone Town

  • Traditional Dhow Boat Cruise

  • Interactive Spice Tour Followed by A Spice Infused Lunch Experience

  • Mnemba Atoll Snorkelling and Swimming with Dolphins

  • The Rock Restaurant for a Laidback Lunch & Instagram Worthy Photos

  • Kae Beach Bar for The Perfect West Facing Sunset Drink

  • Paje Kiteboarding and Chilled Beach Town

  • Nungwi Beach and Enjoying the Local Energy & Great Nightlife

  • Tasting Local Delicacies – Seafood, Zanzibar Pizza, Market Food & An Array of Exotic Fruits



These volcanic mountains form the border of Rwanda, Uganda and the DRC and form three National Parks:

  • Rwanda – Volcanoes National Park

  • Uganda – Mgahinga National Park

  • DRC – Virunga's National Park

There are 8 major volcanoes in the mountain range, home to around half the world's population of Mountain Gorillas and also filled with many other special animals, including the endemic Golden Monkey.

The gorillas are of course a world class experience. However, these volcanoes also offer some of the best hikes known to man. There are single and multi-day hikes that take you above 4,000 meters and are not for the faint hearted, rewarding you with a scenery out of Avatar. The landscapes and plants are something from another planet.

If you would like to test your limits, challenge yourself on a single day hike from Uganda's base camp all the way to the summit of Mount Muhabura (4,127 meters), or otherwise, take on the tougher but lower Mount Sabyinyo (3,669 meters) leading you over three lush forested peaks, scaling wooden handmade ladders all the way till you reach the summit bordering three countries at one time.

Top Experiences:

  • Gorilla Tracking – Rwanda, Uganda, The DRC

  • 1 Day Trek up The Summit of Mount Muhabura (4,127 M) - Uganda & Rwanda

  • 1 Day Trek up Mount Sabyinyo (3,669 M) - Uganda, Congo & Rwanda

  • 2 Day Trek up Mount Nyiragongo Live Volcano Hike (3,407 M) – The DRC

  • 2 Day Trek up Mount Karisimbi Trek (4,507 M) - Rwanda

  • Golden Monkey Tracking - Uganda & Rwanda

  • Batwa Cultural Trail – Uganda



Due to the proximity and being equally special, we have included both above wildlife reserves in one topic. They are both world class safaris and can (and should!) be done in the same trip. 

Tanzania is a true safari lover's dream. The landscapes are endless, animals are in abundance and the road networks take you in every direction. This is the safari as seen in the movies: imagine open top extended 4x4's, long lenses sticking out of vehicle windows and lions in all direction. The Serengeti is also celebrated and home to the greatest wildlife spectacle on earth – The Wildebeest Migration.

On AfriVenture's recent trip in Tanzania, we managed to see over 30 lions, 2 different leopard sightings, the great wildebeest migration, rhino, elephant, buffalo, caracal, serval and much more. You might ask in what time frame this was? This was in a mere 48 hours! It is a wildlife paradise, from the plains of the Serengeti to the crater floor of the Ngorongoro. The abundance of prey, including the many large herds of Wildebeest, Zebras and Gazelle give rise to the massive populations of predators.

Serengeti – Open Plains filled with animals as far as the horizon. Iconic rocky outcrops occupied with many Lion King Moments.

Ngorongoro – Once a gigantic volcano, it is the largest intact caldera in the world where animals, predators and prey, live together.

Top Experiences:

  • Authentic Pop-Up Roof Safari

  • Finding the Big 5 In One Day – Both Serengeti & Ngorongoro

  • Wild Camping in Amongst Africa’s Wildlife

  • Exclusive Luxury Lodge on The Crater Rim or In the Heart of The Serengeti

  • Finding the Great Migration (Seasonal)

  • Watching the Famous Wildebeest Crossing at the Mara River into Kenya (Usually July/August)

  • Bush Dinner Under the Stars

  • Encounter & Learn from a Maasai Tribe

  • Finding the Lion King Sitting on top of One of The Serengeti Kopjes (Rock Outcrops)



Words can hardly describe the moment you come face to face with the mountain gorillas for the first time. It instantly humbles you being amongst these gigantic beasts. This is a true bucket list experience and is something people should do at least once in their lifetime!

The very exclusive (and somewhat costly) activity can be done in three countries: Rwanda, Uganda and The Democratic Republic of Congo. All countries have their pros and cons.

We at AfriVenture choose to use Uganda as our base for Gorilla Tracking, for the following reasons:

  • There are more Gorillas than the other two countries combined

  • There are five different trekking sites to see the gorillas

  • It offers the best value for money

  • Uganda offers a true circuit holiday, it is known as the ‘Pearl of Africa’ for good reason.

Make sure you refer to our in-depth blog about the full Gorilla Tracking Experience.



Imagine the Kalahari Desert with a massive flow of water running right through the middle. This is essentially the Okavango Delta, a tranquil, unspoilt and picturesque part of Africa. The inland delta is the largest in the world creating a labyrinth of meandering water channels bringing animals from all directions.

The two best ways to explore this region is by air or by water. A flight over the Delta will allow you to appreciate and understand the boundless water and observe animals while they migrate along narrow paths.

On the other hand, exploration by Mokoro (local canoe) will get you closer to nature in a way a safari vehicle doesn’t allow you to. Gliding through the water past hippos, crocodiles, elephants and many unique bird species will make you feel like you are part of the Delta.

Top Experiences:

  • Mokoro Ride (Locally Guided Canoe Experience Through the Narrow Waterways)

  • Scenic Helicopter Flight (Perfect for Taking Wildlife Photos from The Air)

  • Scenic Fixed Wing Flight (1 Hour Flight Hovering Over the Deltas Massive Waterways)

  • Wild Camping in Moremi And Savuti Game Reserve

  • Luxury All-Inclusive Stay in Exclusive Camps ($500 - $ 3500 Per Person Per Night)

  • 4 X 4 Guided Safari into Moremi Game Reserve

  • Mokoro Overnight Wild Camping Safari



There could only be one winner, and although it was difficult to choose, we had to give it to ‘Mosi-oa-Tunya’ - the smoke that thunders, the mighty Victoria Falls. This is not only one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World, but also the adventure capital of Africa. The sheer sight of the Falls, where huge sheets of water cascading down 108 metres, sending up massive sprays into the sky, will take your breath away!

The small town of Victoria Falls, in Zimbabwe, is also where you may bump into a wandering elephant or buffalo. The town is jam packed with vibrant restaurants, local curio shops and a true hustle and bustle. It is an experience all together!

Daring travellers have a variety of options to get their adrenalin pumping throughout their stay, on water, land and air. White water rafting on the mighty Zambezi, bungee jumping and microlight flights are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Africa’s best adventure town. For the less adventurous, there are more laid-back activities that will not disappoint. Enjoy watching the sunset from a boat on the Zambezi River as elephants form the backdrop of your photos, or try High Tea at the Victoria Falls Hotel . And if you run out of things to do,  hop on a safari to Chobe National Park in the neighbouring country of Botswana.

Top Experiences:

  • White Water Rafting Down the Mighty Zambezi (Known to Be the Best 1-Day Rafting in The World) (+/- USD 120)

  • Bungee Jump with the Backdrop of Victoria Falls (111 Metres) (+/- USD 160)

  • Sunset Cruise Whilst Sipping on A Cocktail and Enjoying Elephants Coming Down to Drink (+/- USD 40)

  • Gorge Swinging Over the Zambezi River (70 Meter Free Fall) (+/- USD 100)

  • Enjoying A Drink at The Lookout Cafe Overlooking the Zambezi

  • Flight of The Angels (Helicopter Over the Falls and The Mighty Zambezi Gorge) (+/- USD 150)

  • Hang on For Your Life at Devils Pool (Swimming at The Edge of A 100 Metre Drop Off) (+/- USD 120)

  • Boma Dinner and Drumming Session (Fun Filled Evening Trying All Types of Interesting African Delicacies Whilst Getting A True African Drumming Experience) (+/- USD 60)

  • Chobe Day Trip – Full Day Safari with A Boat Trip on The Chobe River (+/- USD 170)


As you can see, Africa truly offers it all and we hope the above 10 points inspired you to discover the beautiful continent. If you need some travel advice and like to travel differently, drop us a message on

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