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Helicopter Safari

AfriVenture is based on a true love story. Love for Africa & love for each other.

HIS Story
Born in South Africa, Stuart spent most his childhood in and out of safari and inevitably wanted a life of adventure and African experiences. But life - like for most of us, took the normal corporate turn when he enrolled to study accounting at the University of Cape Town and continued to become a qualified Chartered Accountant. He continued to work in the finance industry for eight years, however this wasn't enough for him. He knew Africa was out there and wanted to explore it. With trusting in his heart, he dropped out of a stable finance job and became a safari guide. The day before his safari dream came true, he met Sanja. Destiny some would say. Taking his biggest risk led him to his biggest treasure. 
HER Story
Born in Switzerland and living in and out of Sri-Lanka, Sanja went on to enroll and graduate in International Relations at the University of Geneva. She worked at the Swiss Consulate in Chicago before moving back to Geneva. As one does, she then decided to go corporate and work for a large international organization. Much like Stuart, she wasn't entirely fulfilled and realized the same fate: life was flashing before her eyes and she needed to make a change. She took the plunge and embarked on a wild African journey, travelling Africa extensively, volunteering, helping people in need, discovering new cultures, experiencing wildlife and adventures. This not only gave her purpose, but also led her to meet her future husband, Stuart.
Stuart & Sanja, together, decided to enter the ever exciting tourism industry and both gained experience for the largest Tourism Group in Africa. From Safari Guiding to being a Financial Director for him, Trip Designing and International Consulting for her, they gained a real mix of tourism experience.
During this time, not only did they learn the ins and outs of tourism, but they also got to travel to exotic locations & experience unbelievable adventures, some of these being:
  •  Hot Air Ballooning over The 'Big 5', South Africa
  • Staring face to face with a  Gorilla's, Uganda
  • Camping Wild on true African Safari's, Botswana
  • Sky Diving over endless Sand Dunes, Namibia
  • Swimming with Great White Sharks, South Africa
  • White Water Rafting, Zimbabwe
  • Safari's through the Serengeti and Ngorongoro, Tanzania
  • Trekking Massive Volcanoes, Uganda
  . . .  and most importantly creating memories together and making new friends.
Through AfriVenture, they now have the means to share with you an Authentic African Experience!
To us, travel is so much more than just ticking boxes. It is about the people you meet, the cultures you come across and the memories you take home.
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